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It is important that your pet has identification on at all times.  Collars and tags are essential, but they can become damaged or slip off.  Technology has now made it possible to equip your pet with a microchip for permanent identification.

Microchipping is the process of injecting a tiny electronic chip (about the size of a grain of rice) just under the skin between the shoulder blades using a special syringe.  The procedure is simple, routine, and in most cases little to no pain.  It is similar to getting a vaccine and most animals don’t react at all.

Once implanted, the microchip can be detected immediately by a hand-held microchip scanner.  Your pet must then be registered with the microchip company.  A microchipped lost pet can be scanned and identified if found and brought to a shelter or veterinary clinic.

The microchip is designed to last the life of a pet.  They do not need to be charged or replaced.

The microchip insertion by Dr. Mitterling is relatively inexpensive. There is a fee with the microchip company for registering your pet’s microchip ID with your contact information in their database.

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