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Our mobile veterinary facility provides the same, high-quality veterinary medicine and surgical services as a stationary clinic. Dr. Mitterling's Mobile Veterinary Clinic is a custom-built, 26 footlong vehicle that is large enough to contain an exam and treatment area, digital x-ray, comprehensive dental and surgical suite, and onboard kennels for anesthesia recovery and day hospitalization. We are able to offer you everything a stationary hospital can, right at your property. Take a photo tour of our facility below. 

Why choose a mobile vet clinic?

  • Great for pets who struggle with travel, get motion sickness, or experience stress in transportation to the veterinarian. 
  • Decreases your pet's exposure to sick animals in a waiting room.
  • Creates a calmer environment for those pets who may become stressed or fearful around other animals. 
  • More personalized care through longer appointment times and no feeling of being rushed. 
  • Wait for the veterinarian in the comfort of your own home. 
  • Easier for owners with multiple pets.
  • A more private, peaceful, and comforting environment if your pet must be euthanized.
  • More convenient for people with busy schedules.
  • More suited for those who may have difficulty getting to a stationary veterinary office.
  • Ideal for those who prefer to have the veterinarian come to them. 

Preparing for your visit. 
In order to accommodate our veterinary equipment and supplies, our mobile clinic is 26-feet long and 12-feet high. If there are obstacles such as branches, wires, or a tight driveway, please let us know and advise use where we should park our vehicle upon arrival. 

Below are photos of Dr. Mitterling's Mobile Veterinary Clinic. 

Our facility has a large exam room that is equipped with an exam table, kennels, an X-ray unit, and a compressor for dentals (pictured in the top left and right). We additionally have a separate room on the unit for surgeries, which is stocked with an anesthesia machine, oxygen tanks, and monitor to allow for safe and comprehensive surgery (bottom left photo). 

On the top, Dr. Mitterling performs a dentistry. The exam table is easily converted into a sink, a compressor is located in one of the cabinets to properly extract teeth if needed, and a dental machine is quickly set up on the counter. The bottom two photos show a surgery taking place in the sterile surgical room with the necessary equipment set up, such as the EKG machine (pictured below). 


The mobile clinic has been efficiently designed in order to accommodate equipment while maximizing space. For example, there is a pull out scale that quickly slides under the kennels, so your animals can be weighed upon entering the unit (above). There is also a small digital, wireless x-ray unit that is located in the exam room. After the x-ray is shot, it displays on a computer monitor in the surgical unit within 10 seconds (bottom).